The return of Business Week


Reagan White and Jordan Britton

CAHS hosted the annual ACES (Americans for the Competitive Enterprise System) Business Week on Monday, November 15 through Friday the November 26. Last year, due to the pandemic, the high school was unable to host this event. Typically it includes  juniors only, but this year, since they missed out on it, both juniors and senior were in on the event.

Business Week allows the high school students to get a taste of the entrepreneur lifestyle. They are gathered together at the beginning of the week and separate into groups. An advisor from the ACES team will then assign the type of product the group will build their company off of. There are multiply product ideas the groups may be provided with. From there, they will head to their classroom where they will be in for the rest of the week. Speakers came in and provided the students with advice and background on how the company should work. At the end of the week, each company would present their product to a panel of judges. The students in the winning company would each get $100.

There were some mixed reviews about Business Week. The majority thought the week was very stressful and difficult to figure out prices, designs, and much more within a small amount of time. According to some students, it was also quite boring at times. If the students didn’t work as a team then nothing could get done. It was such a big project that it was impossible for only one person to do the work. Others viewed it as a way to get to know each other and prepare for the future.

The winning company was “Kapture Camera.” The CEOs were Miranda Nickerson and Gwen Adams. The CFO was Nathan Shirey. The advisors of the company were Richard Zarger, a CAHS teacher, and Stacy Heiser, who works at Corry Federal Credit Union. Their product was a high-end camera with many feature likes multiple lenses connected on it and it is supposed to be nearly indestructible. They offer a lifetime warranty with it. They came in first in the RONA and placed in the trade show and stock holders meeting.