In your opinion, what is your best quality?


Ariana Gilger, Reporter

In my opinion, my best qualities are my looks and how good of a person I am. I wanted to know what other people thought their best quality was, so I went around the school and asked fifteen other students what their best quality is according to their own opinion.

Jasmine Chandler: “My face.”

Brenden Lindstrom: “Probably my athleticism.”

Lexi Watrous: “Probably my hair.”

Kalinda Gilger: “I’m really honest with people.”

Aiden Trask: “My personality.”

Nolan White: “I can run.”

Ali Torz: “My ability to draw.”

Katlynn Heidler: “I like to think I’m pretty funny.”

Emma Fuller: “Personality.”

Morgan Watrous: “Personality.”

Justin Fay: “My lazy eye.”

Mrs. Rutkowski: “My smile.”

Cole Halfest: “Carsy.”

Weston Atha: “Athleticism.”

Deion Canady: “Athleticism.”