Who do you look up to?

Who do you look up to?

Cameron Brown, Reporter

Before I start I would like to thank the 20 people who took some time and answered this question: Who do you look up to? I have received many nice answers from these 20 people. I look up to anyone who has given their time to those who need(ed) help. Now to see what others said:

“Those who follow faith before me and didn’t give up.”- Mr. Swartzfager

“Anyone who has earned a position of authority.”- Mrs. Cirigliano

“My mom and my twin.”- Shelby Fox

“Jesus because he died on the cross for me.”- Ellyauna Shearer

“My mom.”- Ali Torz

“Kim K.”- Katlynn Heidler

“My Aunt.”- Emma Fuller

“Mrs. Bennett.”- Mrs.Rutkowski

“My mom.”- Mrs.Messinger

“My mom and my twin.”- Sara Fox

“Katlynn Heidler and Cameron Brown.”- Miranda Dubrosky

“My dad.”- Parker Lewis

“Parker’s mom.”- Piper Johnson

“Tall people.”- MyLeigh Mussec

“My Gramma.”- Natalie Engle

“My brother.”- Nathan Wright

“My dad.”- Brock Thompson

“My Nana.”- Jadea Sheehan

“My mom and Jennica.”- Marcie Dick

“Mrs. Diluzio.”- Mackenzie Gordon