How to untangle a love triangle – The advice advocates #2

How to untangle a love triangle - The advice advocates #2

Ruthie Light and Willow Bowen

Hello, it is the advice advocates, and this week we are giving advice to an individual who needs help getting himself out of a difficult love triangle. Many people find themselves caught in situations like this, so there is no need to feel guilty for talking to someone else about it. If you have found yourself in a situation like this, or know somebody else who is dealing with a situation like this, keep reading for advice that could hopefully help you or someone else. 

The issue being conveyed by this young individual states, “I’ve been talking to this girl that I really like, but her ex-boyfriend keeps interfering with our relationship. Her ex and I were previously friends, but she has expressed to me plenty of times that he makes her uncomfortable. Not to mention, he has been very aggressive to me personally when I try to explain the problem to him. Can you please help me with my problem?”

This is definitely a sticky situation, considering that this girl has had a past relationship with this boy. First of all, you definitely should distance yourself from him in ways like removing him from all social platforms, progressively stop engaging in conversation with him, stop replying to his nasty messages, or not sitting near him in class/lunch. However, if you choose to approach him directly, stay lighthearted so that he doesn’t feel attacked. Conversing with him could be a struggle, but try to get your point across to him without making him feel enraged. 

Now, for the girl that you like, she should confront the situation between you and her ex-boyfriend as gently as she can. She should express to him that she is not comfortable with his actions and exerting himself into her personal relationships. If her ex refuses to stop making her uncomfortable, then I would take more serious action like telling a trusted adult or friend. 

Hopefully following our advice will help you and your relationship. Try to remember that it’s okay so be assertive if someone is doing something you don’t like. You should never feel guilty when asking for help. If this advice helped you or someone you know, DM us @adviceadvocates on Instagram to share different problems you would like to be resolved!