OBJ finds new home in Los Angeles

Former pro-bowl wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. signs with the LA Rams after his departure from the Cleveland Browns.


Jonathan Albers, Editor

Odell Beckham Jr. Even the most casual sports fans know that name. When OBJ was traded to the Browns in 2019, fans across America thought it was a death sentence for his career. A big name like OBJ going to Cleveland didn’t seem fitting for his glamorous personality. Now, in November 2021, OBJ has finally found a new location that may be a fit for him.

After almost three wasted seasons, Beckham Jr. was released by Cleveland and signed by the Los Angeles Rams. Beckham Jr. was not the most productive with Cleveland. Some say it was because of the quarterback play, some say its because of him, but whatever it was, it did not work.

Beckham had at least 1000 yards receiving in four of his five seasons in NY with his outlier season being injured. In Cleveland, he had 1000 yards receiving in 2019, with only four touchdowns. In 2020, he had 319 yards and three touchdowns, and got injured in week seven and was out for the rest of the season. With Cleveland in 2021, he had 232 yards receiving and no touchdowns.

It is obvious his play has declined since his time in New York, but is there a chance he revives his career with Matt Stafford and the Rams?