Consider joining “The Secret Circle”

Consider joining The Secret Circle

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

“The Secret Circle” is a spectacular book series for young teens because of the wondrous theme it holds, and the suspense impacts you as a reader tremendously. These books were written by the inspiring author L.J. Smith. She has written multiple hit books, and all of them contain some of the same aspects. The main one is a love triangle between the characters. These books are the reason why I got into reading all the time. They intrigued me and pulled me into the story. These books were published in the early 1990s and many copies were bought in the first year. There are three books in this series, and they all connect and flow with each other like a symphony.

The story is supernatural based. A girl named Cassie moved to a new town and quickly learned she must confront a shattering challenge that she was lured into. Cassie was taken under the influence of a group of different social status teens who range from trouble to the sweetest people you could meet. The story contains two love triangles between four of the main characters in the series. Cassie is involved in each one, and tries to break loose.

These books portray the life of a teen, but supernatural-style. The books cover the hardships Cassie and the group go through. Each book explains the order in which the events take place. The first book explains how Cassie just moved into a new town, and why she moved there. Each one of the characters are mentioned in the first book along with how they connect to the base of the story. The second book leads into the big secret that is hidden, and it explains the characters a little more, and hardships are mentioned. The third book is the finale, and the problem is out in the open, the solution is being found, and all the secrets are getting thrown around, along with all the final ties getting done.

These books are a perfect series for young teens because they hold such an interesting subject for that age group. They have suspense to keep you reading, and just an amazing story line that is beyond words. These books make you have such a strong connection with them, and they lure you into the pages. They are big on vocabulary, so when you’re reading you will pick up words that you never even knew existed.

I would 100 percent recommend these books to someone. If scored out of five I would give these book a perfect score of 5/5. Not a disappointment at all. There is really nothing bad about these books. They are perfect to read just for fun. This book series is a fun yet educational.