I’m about to SOLO your WEB experience.


Khristian Loveland, Reporter

Webtoon is an application that allows a person to read comics from all around the world, with a large amount of genres to consider.

One of my personal favorites is “Solo Leveling,” a Webtoon taking place in a fantasy version of our world, starting in Korea. Another favorite of mine is named “Flow” and it couldn’t be more vague yet descriptive. It follows a fantasy world where each person is born with a god and takes that plot into a heavy life lesson: that every action we perform will always have a consequence. Webtoon has collections that meet a smaller group as well, with even just regular dramas and romance. Some series are extremely short, while others are longer, more in demand, or have multiple seasons.

Each comic has an art style, whether it be cartoon or more Japanese animation level. “Solo Leveling” is well liked among me and a friend who introduced me to it. I have difficulty stopping reading based on how it plays with you, just as several other comics do. The ways that some of these tugged at my heart left me with unique impacts on my perspective.

People into more indifferent romances would definitely enjoy, considering how many there are, as well as normal romances. The impact some of these series have left on me will more than likely never go away (based on personal preference) because of the lessons and personalities of the characters.

My personal rating is about a 3.9 due to balancing between opinions on the comics, and I would recommend it to anybody more open-minded who enjoys reading. The benefits are entertaining comics with a variety of plots and genres. Negatively, there is a lot of reading, which most people don’t like, and it should be considered for a more casual enjoyment approach than serious. Readers should always have an extremely open mind because of some of the things you may just end up reading and rejecting immediately. Personally, I enjoy the app, and would never say to not try something, which includes Webtoon.