One holiday at a time, please


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

For some people holidays are the highlight of the year, with families coming together and celebrating the joyful seasons. Candy, food, costumes, family, and fun for everyone. However, there is one thing during the last three months of the year that I can’t stop arguing about. Decorating for Christmas in the middle of October or November and listening to Christmas music before December is completely overshadowing the other two holidays. 

When driving around town, I tend to get a sense of my surroundings, seeing the decor of the houses I’m driving past. Seeing Christmas decorations in yards or even festive lights around house doors before Halloween has even passed is a huge pet peeve of mine. Some people can relate to this because Halloween and Thanksgiving are just as important to them as Christmas. Halloween is the time for spooky stories, candy, and costumes, and Thanksgiving is for a huge feast, surrounded by the people and things you’re thankful for. And finally, Christmas is the season for giving, as well as being around the people you love. All of these seasons are very important and cherished by many people, so decorating for Christmas too early can be a way of saying it’s more desired than the others.

Obviously, this pet peeve of mine isn’t as severe as some problems that we’ve been facing, but it’s something I’ve heard a lot about and would like to discuss. I’ve always shed light on all the holidays, spending the time to celebrate every one at their own time. For example, October is known for Halloween and the fall season, November is Thanksgiving and the time with family, and December is Christmas and looking towards the new year. More importantly, these holidays have special stories and days that define different moments in time. For instance, Halloween is said to have a day where spirits came to life, so people would dress up in costumes to ward them off. Thanksgiving was the day pilgrims and the Wampanoag people came together in a huge feast. And Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. These holidays are all special and hold a significance in history, so I believe it is important we celebrate and cherish these special days equally.