Corry girls cross country team heads to states


Haeleigh Bayle, Editor

It’s been 30 years since the Corry cross country girls team made it to states as a group. Last Saturday at the district invitational in Titusville, they finally broke that streak. Tears were shed, hugs given, and memories made as they underwent this unforgettable experience. Their hard work wasn’t the only thing that led them to this opportunity, it was also their dedication to one another.

And to think I have the honor of calling myself a member of this incredible team.

The memories will always remain a part of me, especially the tears of joy we all had when we heard the news. The boys team also worked extraordinarily hard during the horribly muddy race and were able to congratulate junior Stephen Brady as he is also going to states after finishing in 19th place. States is in Hershey, PA, and athletes will compete Saturday, November 6.

The morning started out with an unexpected turn after the bus suddenly broke down. The teams (boys and girls) were fortunately able to load onto a different bus, though much smaller. With the delay, they were still able to make it to the districts meet with plenty of time to spare. The course was a muddy mess, practically suction-cupping around your foot with each step. Huge puddles littered the course along with the hundreds of spectators. The weather, however, cooperated and athletes were able to compete without a rain storm hindering their performance. Camryn Fox (sophomore) led the way for the girls team, finishing in 6th place. Her sister, Jordan (freshman), was able to finish in 13th place, Lexy Hasbrouck (senior) 15th, I got 18th place, Kalista Linden (senior) 48th place, Teya Bailey (junior) 58th, and Teryn Bailey was 70th. A total of 105 girls raced at the districts meet. These places allowed for the girls to tally up a final score of 87 points, not far behind the girls Villa Maria team (49 points).

Head Coach Ryan Kelly had much to say about performances Saturday. “The girls ran an awesome race,” Kelly said. “We had four girls in the top 18 finishers, which is really impressive for the district race. I am really proud of this group of girls.  They are great athletes and, more importantly, they are phenomenal people. I am lucky to have the opportunity to coach them.”

Senior Lexy Hasbrouck reflected on the race by saying, “I feel like [the possibility of it being my last race] made me stronger. I feel that with the possibility that it could have been my last high school cross country race it pushed me to go for it. I was very emotional when I found out, because knowing that I have one more race. Also I wouldn’t want to be going to states with any other team!” She then added that she will miss running with all of us girls. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that teammates can quickly become family.

Senior Kalista Linden also reflected on the district meet by saying, “Facing the possibility of it being my last race, I wanted to be happy with the fact that I gave it my all and my best contribution to my team going to states. I also wanted to enjoy the last time that my team might be able to race all together as much as possible, and cherish those girls, and live in the moment.”

Linden continued when asked how she felt about making it to states. “I am elated that we made it to states, I can’t think of a better group of girls to share this opportunity,” Linden said. “The dedication truly did pay off in each and every runner, and I believe our team unity and bonding was a huge part in helping us perform well. It is a huge shared honor to be able to break the dry spell of Corry XC state qualified teams, and I know that this group will go very far.”

Kalista Linden and Lexy Hasbrouck are going to be missed like crazy next year, along with Senior Jaymin Willis, who was unfortunately injured this season but battled through. All three of these stupendous athletes and people will be missed yet their memories will be cherished as we go into our new seasons.

This opportunity is a rare one, so all of us are going to work and make the most of it. And as Lexy said, I couldn’t imagine going to states any other way than with this group of girls. Our laughs never cease together and any frown is quickly turned upside down with them. Not only have we grown into better runners, but we’ve grown into better people and teammates together.