I’m addicted, and I’m “Shameless”

A Series By John Wells


Ariana Gilger, Reporter

I just finished the entire series of “Shameless,” written, directed, and produced by John Wells, and I want to share my opinion about it. The show “Shameless” is about a family- the Gallaghers- that lives in the Southside of Chicago and what they go through every day. Frank and Monica Gallagher are the parents of six children: Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam. Since Frank is an alcoholic and Monica is an addict, the oldest child, Fiona, has to take care of her brothers and sister and raise them as her own. Through all their struggles in the Southside, the Gallaghers always stick together.

Personally, I feel that everyone in this show did a spectacular job with portraying their roles. In my opinion, William H. Macy (Frank Gallgher) and Emmy Rossum (Fiona Gallagher) were the best in the show because although all of the cast members made the show seem like it was real, Fiona and Frank definitely put a lot of effort and emotion into this series. Every part of “Shameless” makes it seem realistic, like it’s actually happening as you watch the show. Fiona struggles with relationship issues, money issues, stress, and although I don’t know for sure, it seems like she also has depression. Frank definitely portrays his role as a drunken bum, to be frank. (Get it? Haha)

If you’re into shows that keep you on your toes, this is definitely one for you to watch. You never know what’s going to happen next unless you re-watch it, which I highly recommend. It’s super dramatic, emotional, and it’s addicting. It’s a fun and funny show to watch, but it’s rated TV-14 and it may not even be fit for 14-year-olds as it is extremely adult-oriented. If I had to rate this show on a scale of 1-5, 1 being the worst and 5 being the best, I’d have to rate it an 11. I just love it that much.