The brilliant Bennett


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Mrs. Bennett is one of the teachers here at CAHS. Her birthday is August 30. She grew up in West Middlesex, PA, and attended West Middlesex Jr-Sr High and Indiana University of PA.

Some hobbies that Mrs. Bennett has are, “all things Family Consumer Science!” This includes crafts, sewing, baking, etc. She chose her job because it made her feel like all of her favorite things were brought together and allowed her to teach them to others. 

She reveals she is not much of a traveler but always wanted to go to Alaska because of the summer time temperature and the beautiful views. She has way too many favorite movies to just pick one. Since she has a baby on the way, it’s all she is worried about instead of any vacation time. Her favorite quote is: “Believe there is good in the world.”

She is unsure about what animal would match her personality and a dream vacation spot. Her idea of a perfect date is anything with good food and relaxation. Her favorite class is obviously FCS, as well as math because she sees herself as very logical and likes making sense of things. Her favorite food is anything with cheese.

In high school, she used to do cross country and track. She has too many pet peeves to choose just one. One piece of advice she would give to the readers is “Time is too short, don’t let the little things get you down. Take happiness in the small things and keep pushing towards your goal.”