What’s your favorite candy?


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays that happens every year and everyone is very excited about the costumes, events, and the chilling stories. Another major part of the Halloween is the candy. There are many debates on what everyone’s favorite candy is and what candy is truly the best out of them all. I went around the school asking teachers and students what their favorite candy is and the responses I’ve received were somewhat surprising.

“Trolli Sour Gummy worms” -Emma M.

“Watermelon Sour Patch” -Reagan W.

“Reese’s Holiday Treats” -Mrs. Carey

“Twix” -Genevieve H.

“Snickers” -Lily H.

“Almond Joy” -Ms. Davies

“Sour Airhead strips” -Jenna M.

“Rolo’s” -Angie C.

”Hersey’s cookies n cream” -Miley G.

“White Reese’s cups” -Mr. Lesher

“Snickers” -Mr. Buona

“Heath Bar” -Mr. Coates

“Kit Kat” -Kaygen R.

“Reese’s” -Levi M.

“Smarties” -Emmalee C.

“Twix” -Sydney W.

“Frozen Reese’s cups” -Mr. Brumagin

“Reese’s cups” -Mr. Potocki

“Peanut M&M’s” -Mr. Carney

“Kit Kat” -Caitlyn K.

“Kit Kat” -Kyra M.

“Reese’s” -Brooke B.

“Twix” -Malia W.

“Twix” -Aubree T.

“Reese’s” -Kevin H.

“Milk Duds” -Lamech A.

“Reese’s” -Payton O.

“Sugar Daddy” -Kaiden K.

“Mounds” -Parker M.

“Three musketeers” -Venessa R.