The dangers of banning abortions

The dangers of banning abortions

Ava Gjertsen, Reporter

In the state of Texas, the Supreme Court has passed a bill restricting abortions. This is an outrageous situation, and certainly should not be allowed to happen or continue. Our country is supposed to be a place with free will and choice, and this bill severely contradicts that. Pro choice or life, this argument is one that should be said and heard. 

The first point I wish to make is that people should have a say in their own body. People have the right to decide if they want the COVID vaccine, surgeries, piercings, etc., but not if they want a child or not? How is that at all freedom in a country where it is highly emphasized? Giving birth can be traumatizing both mentally and physically within a body, and forcing someone to do so is wrong on many, many levels. Can you imagine what that would be like? If a person doesn’t want to have an abortion, that’s completely fine, don’t have one. However, it’s wrong to take that same choice from another person. If the roles were reversed, and abortions were being made mandatory, a lot of people would not like that and definitely protest. 

Additionally, pro-lifers insist that people should give birth anyways and just put the baby up for adoption. That, though, is far from a good idea. Hospital bills are astronomical, and it costs a fortune simply to give birth. Not everyone has that kind of wealth. Besides, foster care is not good for a child, and would more than likely put them in a lot of suffering and trauma. states that “… in surveys going back for decades, from 25 percent to as high as 40 percent of former foster children report having been abused…” This is an alarming amount of foster children being harmed. Why would you want to subject kids to something like that, when it could have all been avoided? And it’s as I’ve mentioned before, childbirth is traumatic mentally and physically for some individuals. Neither the parent nor the child deserves those situations, hence why it should not be a go-to option. 

Furthermore, no matter what, people are going to get abortions. The reality is some people just cannot handle having children, and that should always be their choice. If abortion grows limited or illegal, people will still find ways to get them, just unsafely. Similar to how people still get their hands on illegal substances and weapons, despite it not being allowed. Why let so many humans be harmed or even die because you disagree with what they’re doing for themselves? You don’t know them or their life, or what circumstances they could be dealing with. Whatever the reason, people have the right to safe and professional abortions, because abortion is healthcare. Banning it is much more trouble than it is worth.