The tiny door

The tiny door

MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Once upon a cold winter’s day, a little girl was singing and dancing all around the house. Her mama and papa were off at work, and she was left alone at home for the day. “Adeline,” a cold whisper called out. The little girl jumped up and started to quiver at the icy, black sound. “Adeline,” the voice whispered on and on, like a terrible song stuck on replay. The sound wouldn’t stop. The girl was terrified, and was frozen in fright. Then it stopped. The noise stopped. The room became warm again, and the lights shined bright.

All the sudden, a beautiful Atlantic voice drifted throughout the whole house. The voice lured the little girl in, and led her into the basement as if she were a zombie. The basement door creaked open, and a bright light awaited the little girl down the stairs. Suddenly the sound stopped. The trance was lifted. Adeline lost balance and fell to the floor. The sound had put her into a trance, and led her to the basement door.

After seconds of laying there, Adeline woke up and shook her head. She was lost and confused, her fear wrapped around her like a blanket. Adeline saw the door and her curiosity started to spark, and she tip-toed to the small wooden door. She stood there in awe, because she had never seen this door in her life. Granted she had only visited the basement a couple of times in her lifetime, but she was sure she had never seen it. She reached for the doorknob and quickly twisted it, and within seconds the dark oak door was ajar. Adeline couldn’t muster up the courage to open it the rest of the way. She sat there in fright as the pitch black swarmed around her. A small squeaky voice swarmed around the door. A quiet little mouse in distress. Adeline couldn’t bare the noise any longer. She jumped up and swung the door open. Adeline broke out into hysteria, and a frightful scream left her throat…

Into the door Adeline was swept away into a mist of fog. She had sight of nothing around her. Everything was white. It was like she walked into a cloud. All of the sudden her chest started to close, her throat was swollen shut. Nothing was working. It was like her soul jumped out of her body as she was swept into the tiny door. Her ears were filled with loud screeches, but nothing was around. She threw herself to the ground and began to cry. She could taste the salt on her lips from the excess tears that were running down every square inch of her face. All she wanted was to go home. The noise grew loud, and the fog got thicker. Poof. Everything stopped. No more noise. No more fog. No more spinning. It was like time froze. Everything was calm, peaceful. Adeline made her way off the ground, and started to look around. Nothing. Blank. She was in a bright white walled room. Nothing was happening. She felt at peace, like nothing could hurt her. She felt like she was in a safe place. All her worries were gone. No more chaos, no more ruckus, and no more evil. Adeline looked around, and tried to find out where she was.

Then, a clear, white mirror with golden rims popped up in front of her eyes. She was wearing a dress. A white gown with tiny silhouettes of flowers covering the skirt. Her hair was a golden color, and it felt like silk. Flowers were wrapped around her head making it form a crown. Roses, sunflowers, daisies, and more. Pink, yellow, purple, and white. Adeline saw a reflection of an elegant princess. She was delighted, and twirled in that dress for what seemed like hours. As she looked down to see the skirt spin she saw rags. She was covered in rags, dirt, and her hair was in knots. She broke into shock to see the two different looks. Adeline started to break out into hysteria. Her lungs felt as if they were closing in on her, her stomach in knots, and drips of water leaving her eye every second. She ran, and ran and ran, but nothing. She found no way out. She felt like she was trapped in one of her mystical nightmares. Then a brown spot was spotted in the distance. Adeline’s curiosity struck, and she ran straight for the door.

After running and running she finally reached the brown spot, but it was that? It was a door– a chestnut brown door with a gold knob. Adeline took every risk and put her hand on the doorknob. As she went to open it a song started to play. Subtle, yet the echo made it louder. It was an upbeat jazz song that intrigued Adeline. She decided to open the door, and it was normal. No mist, no loud noises. Just her basement. Adeline felt relieved that everything was back to normal, or was it…

“Oh, Adeline!” Mama called out. Chills ran down Adeline’s back. Her mother wasn’t suppose to be home for another four hours. Was I gone for that long? Adeline ran to her mother, and gave her the biggest hug she had ever given. She could feel her mother’s warm cheek press against her head as she laid in her arms. Adeline’s mother was confused at what had gotten into her daughter. Adeline told her mother everything that had happened from start to finish, yet her mother didn’t believe her and told her it was a figment of her imagination. Adeline cried out to her mother and told her it was true, but she shook it off and told her to get ready for dinner. Adeline was furious. She marched down to the basement, and she was standing in front of the door. Adeline reached for the knob, and her heart started to beat faster and faster to the point where it was going to hop out of her chest. Her hand was shaking, sweat dripping down her face. Then she did it. Adeline opened the door. A whirling wind surrounded Adeline, a black mist covered her face. Suddenly she was sucked back into the door. Adeline screamed as loud as her voice let her, and then nothing. Absolute silence. Adeline was gone, and the door was sealed for good.