The frightful fears of Corry High


Jenna Martin, Reporter

I went around and asked some students and faculty what they were most afraid of. There was a mix of responses, some being more basic fears, while others were quite shocking.

Ashlynn A. (sophomore)- Spiders

Cherokee S. (7th)- Water

Lily L. (7th)- Spiders

Jack B. (7th)- Drowning

Rylee N. (7th)- The dark

Kristen S. (7th)- Heights

Parker L. (freshman)- Heights

Dawn D. (freshman)- Spiders

Sheriff Miller- The possibility of bad people overcoming the good.

Mrs. Depaul – Something bad happening to my children.

Mr. Lesher – Rats

Landon H. (8th) – Clowns

Ayden B. (8th) – Being buried alive

Cameron R. (8th)- Dying

Mr. Coates- Biting my tongue off and eating it.

Ellie C. (freshman)- Rats

Sadye D. (freshman)- Death

Sarah G. (freshman)- Snakes

Karli S. (freshman)- Snakes

William D.(sophomore)- Dying alone

Jonas A. (freshman)- Heights

Alexis O. (6th)- Roller coasters

Aiden J. (6th)- Heights

Grady M. (6th)- Heights

Micheal S. (6th)- Getting ran over

Gunner A. (6th)- Clowns

Alexis H. (freshman)- Spiders

Ian S. (7th)- Being buried alive

Aubrey T.( 7th)- Spiders

To start, I would like to thank everyone who took the time out of their day to take the survey. Also, as you can see the results of the survey had some common answers such as spiders and heights. Yet, there were some different answers that you did not see as much, like the fear of biting off your tongue and eating it. That’s the cool part about hearing people’s fears: there are some you would never even think of that some people fear on a daily basis. Once again, thank you to everyone who was willing to share their fears with me.