The monster’s cavern

The monsters cavern

Jordan Britton, Reporter

It was the night of the spoopy and we were getting ready to go out. We live in a small town, where everyone was nice. Except this one house, no one liked it because it was old and burned. Everyone called it a haunted house, but not just any haunted house. There were stories about this house on how a Giant Monster lives in it. No one wants to go up to it, but my friend and I thought we should be the first to go up to this house.

We went up to this house and knocked on the door and it opened up. I went inside to see what was happening, but the floorboards were very unstable. I thought I was going to fall through the floor. My friend then came in and the door shut behind us. We screamed as loud as we could but couldn’t open the door. I took out my flash light and saw the big monster. I ran into a closet and left my friend out there in shock. We waited for about an hour.

I heard nothingĀ  but then we heard footsteps and it was loud. Then it stopped and we saw a shadow outside the closet. We closed our eyes. The door came flying open and this voice said, “Hello, you’re okay, no one is going to hurt you.” We opened our eyes and there was an old man standing there. He said, “No one has been to this house for ten years.”

We came out of the closet and said bye to the old man, then ran home.