PDA: How much is too much?


Kayla Hayes, Reporter

One of our biggest problems in school is public displays of affection, making walking through the hallways more unpleasant than it needs to be. Public affection is something you can see anywhere you go like at a restaurant, a mall, a park, and just about anywhere else. However, in a school environment, it is neither appropriate nor necessary. School is a place of education where you shouldn’t have to turn a corner and deal with this problem. It is making teachers and students very uncomfortable, and it needs to be stopped.

One example of these tendencies is kissing in the hallway where everyone can see. It’s a very normal part of a relationship, but privacy is a thing too. Another example is standing in the hallway with your partner, leaving everyone else behind you in a traffic jam. Some people have complained about seeing people slam their significant other into the lockers and standing uncomfortably close to one another. Some have seen students put their hands where it’s not appropriate in a school setting. Some peers have also seen people dragging each other around with leashes and by their chokers, which isn’t enjoyable for anyone to see.

Some solutions to this problem are to do this in your free time in order to respect you, your significant other, and the relationship itself. Also, think about the students who are also walking in the hallways and respect their presence. School is a place for learning, so let’s keep it that way. Teachers should also try their best to prevent these incidents from happening and shouldn’t be embarrassed about telling these people to stop.  Many teachers also agree with my opinions that hand holding is the only thing that is truly appropriate in a school setting. One teacher commented that hand holding is respectable, but other than that, you don’t need any other form of public touching in a healthy relationship.