Joyful Jonas


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

Jonas Anthony is a freshman at Corry Area High School. Jonas belongs to the Corry Beavers boys’ soccer team and plays as a left midfield. He enjoys playing on the team. His thoughts on the sport are, “It feels like a rush of excitement runs through my body every time I step on the field. When I’m on the field, it just feels natural. Like that’s what I’m suppose to do.”

Jonas was born on May 3, 2007, in Spartansburg, PA. He is fully committed to the Sparty community and participates in many activities. Jonas is the middle child of three. He has an older sister named Chloe and a younger brother named Brock. Jonas says it’s nice being the middle child. He mentioned, “You don’t have to do much. There isn’t a lot expected from you because you’re not the older one with all the responsibility, and I’m not the youngest, so I don’t have to have my parents always doting on me, because I’m not the baby of the family.”

Jonas has lots of favorite things in life, and he expresses through everything. Jonas enjoys many films, and his favorites are “Into the Heights,” and  “The Grinch,” (real life version with Jim Carrey). Jonas enjoys all of Jim Carrey’s films, in fact, Jim Carrey is his favorite actor. Jonas also enjoys watching musicals, which goes back to one of his favorite movies being “Into the Heights.”

One of Jonas’s favorite quotes is, “Money buys happiness.” He 100% agrees with this quote, because his outlook on life is that money gets you places and when you have money you can do the things that make you happy.

When asked what his favorite season is, Jonas answered with summer because he enjoys the beating heat, the vitamin C from the sun, and you have more options on when it comes to wanting to do things. His favorite summer activities are swimming, vacations, and just being outside all the time. He also enjoys the fact that we don’t have school for two and a half months.

Jonas has almost all of his future mapped out from his dream job to the perfect college. Jonas wants to attend the University of North Carolina (UNC), and he wants to study things in the medical field. His dream job is to be a neurosurgeon because he enjoys helping others and making a difference in the world. Another reason is because that job pays good money.

When asked what his biggest pet peeve is, Jonas replied with people chewing with their mouth open. He can’t stand it, and its always been his number one pet peeve.

Jonas enjoys many things such as movies, soccer, running, and hiking. When it comes to physical activity Jonas is all over it. He loves to be active and participate in things that give him fresh air and have a calming vibe to it. Jonas is really into travel, and when it comes to one place he would love to visit he said it would have to be practically anywhere in Europe. But if it had to be somewhere specific he would choose Venice, Italy. “I think that Italy is a beautiful place that’s full of good food, and a magical scenery. I also love to learn about different cultures, and I like to enjoy the different foods that they are famous for.” The reason why he would choose Venice out of all the places in Italy is because he likes the name. He believes it has a catchy rhythm to it and because it seems to be a big tourist attraction.

I asked Jonas what he cherished most in life, and his response was short yet very deep and descriptive. He stated these four simple words, “Living in the moment.”

My last question for Jonas was what is some advice you would like to give the readers and this is what he advised: “I will advise you not to give others advice you are not confident on.” Jonas said he stated that because yes ,it’s important and kind to help others by giving your input, but sometimes they don’t need it, or they don’t ask for it. It’s just better to be there than say anything because most times you aren’t going through the same thing, and the advice you’re giving might not be the right thing.