Perfectly Piper


Cameron Brown, Reporter

Piper Colene Johnson is a freshman in her first year attending the Corry Area School District. Johnson was born in Fontana, CA on February 3, 2007. That is where she lived most of her life until she moved to Fairview, PA in 2018, and moved to Corry in 2021.

Johnson loves to draw, take care of animals, and read. Johnson is the youngest of three. She has a sister named Kenzie and her age is 19, and a brother named Alex who is 24.

When she grows up she wants to be a graphic designer. Graphic designers are visual communicators who create concepts by hand or by using specialized graphic design software.  She wants to be a graphic designer because she enjoys art.

A place she would travel to is Arkansas. She said she would love to go there because “I could be out with my brother and get a job and help with the kids.”

She enjoys watching “The Lion King” because it reminds her of her childhood when she watched and it comforted her. Her favorite song is “Dark Red” by Steve Lacey because it helps her calm down.

For an upcoming vacation she said, “I want to visit Tennessee with my cousins because it is pretty.” She chose to go with her cousins because she said, “My cousins and I are close.”

An animal she would most match her personality with is a rabbit because, “I have a rabbit and me and him act the same.”