Writing is hard, titles are harder


Sea Geer, Reporter

They tapped the pencil to the paper

And quietly pulled it away again

Mouthing words under their breath

Unable to find the right ones

They put a word down and erased it

It didn’t capture the feeling

They sat there, blinking, breathing

Muttering words that didn’t quite fit

They wanted to get the thoughts out

But no phrasing seemed to do them justice


A blank page with eraser buds all over it

But the faded lines are never more than a few words

Tap Tap Tap Write Erase Sigh Repeat 




Angry at the page for still being blank

Angry at the pencil for not writing anything

Angry at their hand for not commanding the pencil

Angry at themself for having feelings at all


Missing the days when they could just write 

Ten minutes to get all the feelings onto a page

Sad, happy, silly, hopeless, calm, alive

Now there is nothing

Whether it be insecurity or indecision

No words fell to the paper

Nothing comes from sitting alone with their thoughts

Just blank pages and a full mind