Do sixth graders feel like they should be up at the high school?


MaKenna Moore, Reporter

When it comes to the subject on sixth graders being up at the high school, it can get very controversial. Many believe that they are too young, and it’s not the right setting for them. Others disagree and believe that they should be a part of the high school. Everyone has their opinions on how they feel about the subject, but have we ever asked the sixth grade students how they feel about it? Did we ask them if they feel comfortable, and ready to move up into “another world”? They are the ones going through it, so why don’t they have a say? I went around to ask 27 sixth-grade students at  the following: Do you feel that sixth graders should be up at the high school? Some of their answers were expected, but others were shocking. Stated below are some responses of students from the interview.

“Yes, I believe we should because we are just like the older kids, so we should be treated like them and be included into activities like them.” -Kota K.

“Yeah, I feel like we should be in the high school because it teaches us maturity and treats us like big kids and that’s what we want.” – Lauren B.

“No, sixth graders should not be up at the high school. It’s scary and the younger kids school was a lot more fun.” – Grady M.

“No, the high school is scary and the other school we were the big kids, now we aren’t.” – Izabella M.

“No, there are too many people in the hallways, and they are big and mean.” – Helen Ann D.

“Yes, up at the high school we get a lot more freedom, and we get treated as big kids not babies.” – Amber W.

“Yes, we are more comfortable with the building and get more experience.” – Alexis O.

“Yes, not as many rules as we had down at the other school.” – Lilly L.

“Yeah, you get better activities, and more options when it comes to classes.” – Naomi B.

“Yes, being up here makes me feel more like a big kid.” – Dione C.

“Yes, our maturity is at a high school level. We deserve as much as the other kids.” – Hayden W.

“Yeah, this school is better and more exciting.” – Aiden P.

“Yes, we have more space, and a bigger area to do things.” – Zach R.

“No, some of the older kids are bad influences, and they will teach us bad things.” – Ryliee D.

“Yes, we are big now, and we should be treated like it.” – Adrianna S.

“Yes, maturity fits our surrounding up at the high school.” – Laikynn B.

“No, we aren’t smart enough to be up here with the big kids.” – Isabella W.

“No, the high school students are mean. Not all of them, but some of them are.” – Brianna F.

“Yes, there are bigger activities to participate in.” – Makenna W.

“Yeah, we get more opportunities, and get a more mature learning experience.” – Margo B.

“Yes, [it’s a] bigger area, and we aren’t around little kids because we are the little kids.” – Lexi L.

“Yes, we get more freedom than at the younger school. We get more responsibility.” – Callie B.

“No, the halls are too crowded.” – Abby B.

“No, too many people in the school.” – Kaitlyn F.

“No, we almost get trampled every time we walk through the halls.” –  Jaelynn L.

“No, we could get confused and not know where to go. We could get lost.” – Sydney W.