The forest is facing some issues

The forest is facing some issues

Cameron Brown, Reporter

There was an alien disguised as a human who spawned in the middle of the woods. He found out something just wasn’t right, there was a clearing in the forest: no one to be seen and not a thing to be heard. A homeless man was walking through the forest and saw the disguised alien and explained everything.

After everything was explained a mysterious portal came out and a random person came out from the portal and explained why the forest was so empty and quiet. Turns out that forest was not like any other forest. That forest was a haunted forest that had traps set a lot of places. The traps took you to that portal where that random guy came out.

Everything in the portal seemed normal but something little was off about it: everyone had three commands if they got done and if everything about their commands was perfect, they got to be set out of the portal and set free. The commands get harder to do. If you either fail the command or refuse a command, you get thrown in this room where you have to do something and if you refuse that command, you get killed. If you do all your commands you get set free and live a life that you can choose and love.

The homeless man and alien got caught in a trap and went to the portal. The homeless man completed all his commands and chose his new life. He wanted a life where he can have money, a home, food, and be respected. He wants to start charities and make every homeless person have a nice home and good food. The alien completed all his tasks and he wished to live a life where he didn’t have to be an alien and he can be nice to everyone and everyone will be nice to him.