Top ten ways to keep clean and tidy!

Top ten ways to keep clean and tidy!

Cameron Brown, Reporter

Cleaning can be a big responsibility. If you don’t know how, here are some tips so you can be clean and organized. There are many ways to stay clean and tidy!

10. Keep a garbage can in your room! If you have one of these in there it can keep your room from becoming a mess so you can throw it away. 

9. Have a basket for clothes in every room! This helps for when you change you can throw the other clothes in the basket so clothes don’t start piling up on the floor.

8. Wipe all flat surfaces down! If you keep it wiped down it won’t create a lot of dust and make you feel sick!

7. Stay stacked up on cleaning supplies! This can help prevent a lot of cleaning. If you do laundry a lot make sure you have enough soap, and when you’re running low, buy some more. 

6. Keep a nice cleaning schedule. This helps you know what to stick to and not get off task!

5. Make sure you don’t use too many cleaning supplies! If you use too much cleaning supplies, they may not work properly

4. When you’re using any type of spray, make sure it’s not strong! If it’s strong, don’t use a lot– just use enough to make sure the surface is clean.

3. If you have dogs that are shedding, use gloves and a brush! Have a container nearby– don’t let the hair just stay on the ground. That can create a mess!

2. Hide all cleaning supplies! If a child is near a drawer that has cleaning supplies make sure they can’t open it.

1.  Label everything so you know where to find it when you need it!