Views on school mask mandate are split


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

School was back in full-swing on Thursday, August 26, after a hard year last school year with switching from in-person to remote learning multiple times. Heading back to school after summer break always arouses different emotions from people: excitement, dread, optimism, and anything in between. This year, however, there is another factor playing with students’ and teachers’ emotions. The mask mandate, issued for all of Pennsylvania, is back again. It has caused many people to come forth with their opinions, beliefs, and evidence for what they believe. Who knew a piece of cloth could strike up so much turmoil?

Students and teachers were all asked the same question: What is your view on the recent mask mandate? Of course, with things such as the mask, each person has their own opinion/take on whether or not they should wear them.

For students like junior Kayla Kurelowech her response to the question was, “I feel like they don’t really do much because no one really wears them how they are supposed to.”

Masks pulled below the nose or even chin are not uncommon to see when walking down the halls, sitting in classrooms, or just looking at the general student body.

Mr. Brewer, a teacher here at the school, gave his opinion on the mandate as well. He said, “I can still smell things through my mask so I don’t know how efficient they are.” One thing is for sure, you can certainly still smell through a mask. Walking by the locker rooms even with a mask up you can still smell it.

Other students provided their opinion bluntly when asked what they thought of the mandate.

Keira Knight, a sophomore, plainly stated, “I don’t like it.”

Junior Peyton Wilkinson, who was with Knight, nodded in agreement. She added, “I’m not a fan of it either.”

So far many negative feelings toward the mandate have come forth. These strong opinions can both be sided with and severely disagreed upon.

On the other side of things, sophomore Hannah Roach said, “I think the masks are a good idea considering there are a lot of people in such a secluded area, but it does get a little difficult to breathe at times.”

Junior Bella Burrows said, “I think the mask mandate can be a little frustrating and it’s getting old, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.”

These girls probably have many other students who agree with them. They aren’t a huge fan of the masks but would rather do what they can to prevent a worse scenario.