Survey: Who has impacted your life the most?

Survey: Who has impacted your life the most?

Samariana Pena, Reporter

For this survey, I asked our fellow students and staff who has impacted their life the most. What I mean by that is who has helped you through the rough and dark times that you may have gone (or are going) through. Here are some responses:

Mr. King: Fifth and sixth grade teacher

Mr. Brewer: My dad

Mr. Coates: Mr. Buona

Mr. Lesher: My parents and Mean Gene

Lexy Watrous: My mom

Isiah Clipson: Samariana

Mr. (K) Cragg: My parents

Mrs. Turben: Jesus

Tyler Bird: Coach Bailey

Tim Jordan: Coach Bailey

Damon Gordon: Samariana

Malaki Williams: Samariana

Brittany Dewey: Mr. Chud

Izzy Corbett: Myself

Riley Fiesler: My stepdad

Ayla Richardson: My mom and Riley

Mr. Soprano: Mr. Lesher and his stories about Mean Gene

Mr. Adamski: My co-op at THS

Mr. Daniels: My parents

Ethan Pena: My sisters

Jalleen Klaiber: Room 42

Mrs. Kuzma: My dad

Dr. Simpson: My mom