Survey: What are your plans for summer vacation?

Survey: What are your plans for summer vacation?

Samariana Pena, Reporter

In this survey I asked Corry students and staff what their plans are for upcoming summer vacation. Here are their responses:

Mr. Soprano: Golfing and walking my dog.

Ted Mickel: Spending time with family and friends.

Tim Jordan: Working and spending time with family and friends.

Tyler Bird: Camping and hanging out with friends and racing.

Damon Gordon: Playing video games.

Malaki Williams: Binge-watch anime.

Ayla Richardson: Cheer season begins; camping and hanging out with friends.

Riley Fiesler: Going to Utah.

Izzzy Corbet: Maine, Washington DC, swimming, and cheering.

Nurse Donoghue: Spending time gardening, planting and spending time with family; I also work at the local ER.

Mr. Lesher: Exercising, golfing, and going to Tahiti.

Mr. Buona: Finish “Honey Do” list.

Ethan Pena: Fishing or Waldameer

Mr.Brewer: To simply exist in the world until its time to go back to work.

Isaac Morningstar: Vacation.

Dr. Simpson: Sitting by the river and reading many books.

Mrs Kuzma: To soak up as much sun as I can.

Mr. Hogue: Sea wolves, grilling, concerts, walking fur babies, and gardening.

Kara Hall: Pool parties.

Xavier Cressley: Football practice.

Mr. Daniels: Playing softball/coaching soccer.

Gannon Smith: Swimming playing basketball.

Mr. Adamski: Camping and boating.

Trenton Lille: Myrtle Beach.

Ms. Diluzio: Fun with family and friends.

Tyra Proper: Work.