Survey: What is your favorite dog breed?

Survey: What is your favorite dog breed?

Samariana Pena, Reporter

I chose to do this survey because I was curious to know which type of dog people preferred. Plus, a lot of different people have different favorite types of dog and dog breeds. Although some people may prefer cats, too. Here are some responses that I got from our fellow students and staff.

Mr. Goodwill: Anything quiet

Brittany Dewey: Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler

Mr. Potocki: Hot Dog

Mr. Hogue: Chihuahua

Mr. Coats: Chihuahua

Patience Sherrer:  Pit Bulls

Mr. Lesher: Siberian Husky

Eddie Frey: Bull dogs

Timothy Jordan: Pit Bull Lab

Damon Gordon: Pomeranian Chihuahua

Malaki Williams: Pit bull

Xander Wilcox: Pit Bull

Jeremy Saurwein: Great Dane

Ethan Pena: German Shepard, Australian Shepard, and Pit Bulls

Mr. Buona: Cats