Good celebrities do exist

Good celebrities do exist

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

There is a lot in the media about celebrities behaving badly despite their big name. With  all the negativity in the world, now is a good time to discuss my three favorite celebrities who I believe bring lots of good. 

I believe that not only one of the best celebrities, but one of the best people is Dolly Parton. She has been an ally to minorities her whole life supporting those that face discrimination. As many may know, she has a theme park called Dollywood and when COVID hit she continued to pay all of her employees and personal assistants even though they were not working. It was agreed that a Confederate statue in the South was to be replaced with a statue of Dolly Parton. She turned it down and said there were people that deserved it more than her. This shows that despite her fame and fortune she is still humble. 

Another celebrity that I admire and think is a good role model is Tyra Banks. She is well-known for her TV show, “America’s Next Top Model,” and this show was always inclusive. The show had contestants from every race, different sexualities, plus-sized models, and even a few that were transgender. Tyra used to have a summer camp with the purpose of inspiring young girls to have more confidence. A few years after that she earned her business degree from Harvard, showing that just because you are a model does not mean you are stupid. 

My favorite celebrity is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, not because of the good deeds he has done, but because of his good personality. He is partnered with the Make a Wish foundation and always has kids on set watching the making of his movies. He hasn’t had any big controversies and has not done anything super problematic. He grew up very poor and his family’s only car ended up getting repossessed due to lack of income when Dwayne was a teenager. He managed to build himself up from nothing and is now the highest paid actor providing a good life for his family.