Which movie would you select to depict your future life (after graduation) and why?

Chance Chancellor: “The Longest Yard.”

Brittany Dewey: “The Fast and Furious”; it’s a long road ahead of you.

Hunter Taylor: “Stand By Me.”

Evan Simmonsen: “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Ethan Vollant: “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

Morgan Brooks: “Legally Blonde” because I want to become a lawyer and no one believes I can do it.

Chris Almeda: “Top Gun.”

Hannah Smrka: “Mamma Mia.”

Sarah Marsh: “Zootopia,” to protect and serve all while looking cute at the same time.

Brooke Richards: “Frozen” because Elsa is off on her own and she’s happy.

Gabrielle Rose: “Legally Blonde” because I would like to prove that women can do anything that they want if they set their mind to it.

Dustin Middleton: “Hacksaw Ridge.”

Riley Walker: “Spirited Away” because it’s all I want.

Tyler Hasbrouck: “Water Boy.”

Jaxon Gray: “Tommy Boy” because I will eventually be successful in my life.

Kyla Walker: “Monsters University.”

Ethan Sproveri: “The Avengers” because everyone there hacks.

Rachael Hajec: “13 going on 30” Because I know I’ll miss being young when I’m old and I can’t believe how fast graduation arrived.

Elizabeth Geer: “The Greatest Showman.”

Christina Newman: “Saved by the Bell” because it’s a show but it’s a show that I can make mistakes but learn about it.

Jayde Martin: “Inside Out.”

Lucas Munsee: “Joe Dirt.”

Chase Suchar: “The Theory of Everything” because I would like to make great scientific discovery and find the love.

Dustin Seth: “The Shawshank Redemption.”

Adrian Vollentine: “Home Alone,” because I’ll be living by myself living my best life until I have to face life by myself, and I will be missing my family.

Lauryn Cressley: “Howl’s Moving Castle” because I think we all need a little howl for ourselves.

Logan Sawyer: “The Sandlot” because its sandy.

Hallie Pearson: “Pitch Perfect” or “Radio Rebel” because I want to be in the music industry and I wouldn’t mind have a radio station.

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