Who was your favorite teacher in high school and why?

Hallie Pearson: Mr. Krasa and Mrs. Lindsey because they are both funny and I can talk to them about things when I’m having a bad day.

Brittany Dewey: Mr. Goodwill because he inspired me to be a Librarian.

Hunter Taylor: Mr. McBriar.

Christina Newman: Mrs. Reynolds; she listened and cared the most.

Elizabeth Geer: Mr. Simmonson because he picks on and teases me.

Rachael Hajec: Mr. Kerr because he has helped me more in just one year than I could ask for (especially with chemistry).

Ian Hickey: Mr. Hogue, as he makes learning fun and he is a friendly teacher. It’s very easy to start conversations with him.

Kyla Walker: Mr. Kerr; he is epic and very understanding.

Tyler Hasbrouck: Mr. Carey; he is fun but still taught what you need to learn.

Logan Sawyer: Mr. Carey and Mr. Fourspring because they are rad.

Sam Reed: Mrs. Walls.

Michelle Snyder: Mrs. Walls because she is the best.

Levi Stanbro: Mrs. Reynolds; she is the nicest and an awesome teacher.

Lauryn Cressley: Has to be a toss up between Fourspring and Simmonsen; they’re just cool guys.

Luke Stanbro: Mrs. Simpson, Mrs. Walls, and Mr. Jaquith because they are chill and understanding.

Jared Bailey: Mrs. Walls; she is awesome!

Riley Walker: Mary Brown; I love art and have good memories in her class.

Emma Swartzfager: My favorite teacher was Mrs. Reynolds because she was always there for you if you need someone to talk to.

Chris Almeda: Mr. Scutella; he led me to decide my future.

Jaxon Gray: Mr. Hogue because it was never a normal day in his class

Caleb Munn:  Mr. Soprano; he took a boring class like AP Calculus and made it a lot of fun. He’s also just a great teacher when it comes to math.

Timothy Ross: Mr. McBriar because he was always nice and helpful.

Hannah Smrcka: Ms. DiLuzio, and Mrs. Chud; I learned a lot about English from them and they were always kind. They also both work very hard and genuinely enjoy teaching.

Adrian Vollentine: Mrs. Bourgoine because she is so sweet, kind, will help you with anything, tries to hear kids opinions, and of course, she is funny.

Ethan Sproveri: Mr. Woods because he always makes everyone smile.

Bryce Maleski: Ms. DiLuzio because her class was fun and productive.

Brandon Arnink: Ms. DiLuzio, Mr. Luther, Mrs. Bourgoine, and Mr. Fourspring.

Chase Suchar: Mr. Kerr because he kept things interesting and inspired me to pursue a degree in biochemistry.

Evan Simmonsen: Mr. Simmonsen; he is my dad.

Ethan Vollant: Mr. Kelly.

Steel Fuller: Ms. Kuritz.

Hunter Smith: Ms. Kuritz because she is a really cool teacher and really good at teaching.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Mrs. Jackman because she’s sweet, funny, and awesome.

Enola Monn: Mrs. Smrcka; she’s so sweet.

Dustin Middleton: Mr. Soprano and Mr. Brewer.

Gabi Rose: My favorite teacher was Mr. Hogue because we has a lot in common, and he told the best stories.

Braden McKnight: Mrs. Reynolds because she’s always helped me through everything.

Chancellor Chase: Mr. Hogue because he’s cool.

Tucker Clark: Mr. Simmonsen because he is always understanding and will help whenever.

Haylee Rose: Mrs. Marsh because she is like a mom and is a teacher that you can tell she cares and is not just here to get paid.

Hunter Toner: Ms. Kuritz.

Skylar Beckford: Definitely Mr. Hogue. Not only is his class easy, but his humor and witty comments make his class even more interesting.

Morgan Brooks: Mr. Luther because he was chill and actually tried to help his students.

Sarah Marsh: Ms. DiLuzio; she always would talk with you about anything, and understands when you need a break.

Brooke Richards: Ms. Lindsey; we always have a good conversation in that class.

Lucas Munsee: Mr. Dana Kruse because he’s a cool dude

Jayda Martin: Mrs. Jackman; her class was fun and easy.

Michael Winans: Mrs. Jackman; I always enjoyed her class and she is really chill and a fun teacher.

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