What is one thing about school you will miss after graduation?

Chris Almeda: I will miss high school sports.

Jaxon Gray: All of my buddies I might never see again.

Chase Suchar: My friends.

Dustin Seth: Pushing through kids to use the urinal.

Evan Simmonsen: Procrastinating on homework.

Ethan Vollant: My friends.

Emma Swartzfager: Seeing all my fellow classmates and past teachers.

Morgan Brooks: Having a solid routine everyday.

Sarah Marsh: The worry-free life.

Chancellor Chase: Friends.

Tucker Clark: Everything except the work.

Hunter Toner: Some of these kids.

Haylee Rose: The teachers.

Braden McKnight: The teachers and walking the halls.

Steel Fuller: Friends.

Hunter Smith: All of my friends.

Allison Zaczkiewicz: Seeing my friends every day.

Enola Monn: Making fun of little kids.

Gabrielle Rose: I will always miss cheer leading. Being a cheerleader made me feel like a part of something bigger in this school.

Dustin Middleton: The things I’ve seen in school.

Brandon Arnink: Forced interactions with friends.

Bryce Maleski: Hanging out and seeing friends every day.

Ethan Sproveri: Seeing my friends every day.

Adrian Vollentine: Teachers like Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Bourgoine.

Hannah Smrcka: My friends.

Timothy Ross: Meeting up, seeing them people.

Riley Walker: Wall-y ball and listening to stand tunes.

Luke Stanbro: Friends.

Lauryn Cressley: Having something to do every day.

Levi Stanbro: Seeing my friends.

Michelle Snyder: Seeing my friends every day.

Sam Reed: Mrs. Walls.

Logan Sawyer: Mr. Carey and Mr. Fourspring, they were pretty rad.

Kyla Walker: Seeing my friends every day and some teachers.

Skylar Beckford: I’m definitely going to miss my friends and all of our chaotic moments in class. It’ll be weird not seeing them almost every day.

Caleb Munn: I think I’ll miss the lack of responsibilities. As graduation approaches, the thought of living in the real world and having to find your own path begins to really take hold.

Christina Newman: I will miss hanging out with my friends

Elizabeth Geer: The teachers.

Rachael Hajec: Seeing my friends every day.

Ian Hickey: I’m going to miss all of the wonderful teachers I’ve met during my time here.

Brittany Dewey: Chilling with my favorite football coach, Coach Goodwill.

Hunter Taylor: The people who have treated me with respect.

Lucas Munsee: Seeing my friends and all the great memories.

Brooke Richards: Seeing my friends every day.

Michael Winans: My friends.

Jayda Martin: Softball and all the girls I played with.

Hallie Pearson: Mr. Krasa’s class and Mrs. Lindsey’s class because I’ve had some of my best times with them.

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