Top ten things seniors do in the last twenty days of senior year

Top ten things seniors do in the last twenty days of senior year

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

We all have that one favorite senior that always gifts you with their special views and their existence; they just do so many amazing things. Within their last twenty days of senior year, you’ll find them working day and night, with eyes peeled open, to the greatest of their capabilities. Here are the top ten things you’ll find your darling seniors wonderfully accomplishing within the last twenty days of their twelfth-grade year.

10. There’s not enough coffee or caffeine in the world to fuel their endless ambitions, so naturally they have a lot of it.

9. Jamming out to the best solemn tunes.

8. At least ten scholarship applications withing two days before they’re due.

7. Rolling out of the comforts of their bedding five minutes before the school day begins and rushing toward their beloved educational hot spot.

6. Wandering the luscious halls of Corry high throughout the day.

5. Blessing beloved educators of past years with graces of their appearances, daily discussions, and just their general presence.

4. Starting complicated, time consuming assignments thirty minutes before they’re due and completing them with devout vigor and dedication.

3. Complaining about everything, even things that don’t bug them.

2. Instilling their wisdom onto the Freshmen.

1. Testing how far they can stretch their shenanigans.