Top ten end of school year catchphrases from teachers

Top ten end of school year catchphrases from teachers

Rachael Hajec, Editor

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, students and teachers are ready to part ways and start summer! Typically when someone gets a yearbook, or even if it is just the last day of school, students will ask to get a farewell note or goodbye from some of their favorite teachers. Whether it is the same one every year or not, some people have heard different catchphrases depending on the relationship to the teacher (and what that person’s grade is in their class, haha). Here is a list of some of the most popular and well known catchphrases from teachers on the last day of school:

10. Have a great summer! (This one is used too much; what if summer is not fully great?)

9.  See you next school year! (Teachers can’t use this one on me this year, but still, summer just started let’s not rush it.)

8. Don’t forget to keep up the good work! (We all know no one is doing homework over summer break.)

7. Soak up the sun and make sure to get outside! (Some people are introverts, or allergic to grass, also…sunburn.)

6. Be safe and make smart choices! (It’s just summer, not summer camp.)

5.  Thanks for an awesome year! (School isn’t bad, just this year seemed so long, so it’s going in the middle.)

4. You will be missed, see ya soon! (True or false?)

3. Only a few more to go! (If you are any underclassmen, this one kinda hurts.)

2. I expect you to still know some curriculum when you get back! (Personally, everything leaves my brain when I walk out the door.)

1. See you tomorrow… oh wait! (Such a fun little surprise when there is no school for three months.)