Top ten summer vacation ideas


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Whenever the weather turns nice and the days get longer, my mind begins to turn to different summer vacation ideas. Sometimes broad ideas come to mind, whereas others are more specific. However, no matter what I’m doing in the summer, I typically enjoy it because the weather is perfect (most of the time). Below I have listed the top ten summer vacation ideas from the worst to the best.

10. Staying inside- When summer comes around, staying inside is never a good idea. Even though going to indoor amusment parks may be fun, soaking up the sunshine and feeling a nice breeze is the way to go.

9. Going to a water park- Water parks can be fun and a relaxing vacation at times, but at some points people can begin to get a little too pushy and turn your peacefulness into a stressful mess.

8. New York state- New York state is absolutely beautiful and the sights are breathtaking at times. Another nice thing about a vacation to New York is the fact that it isn’t too far from home, but you could make it longer/farther the further you traveled.

7. Taking day trips (i.e. mini golfing, rope-course climbing, and ending on ice cream)- Summer vacationing doesn’t have to be full of big, expensive vacations that last a whole week. Sometimes the best summer “vacation” ideas are to simply get away for just a day.

6. Visiting Wisconsin- I was able to go to Wisconsin about two years ago, and I loved every minute of it. The hiking was absolutely amazing, and the weather was beautiful. I loved the views Wisconsin’s high mountains offered as we hiked.

5. Travelling around to try different ice cream shops (mom & pops)- Ice cream is an absolute must-have during the summer months. So what better way to get that ice cream then making a trip out of it? Of course, you wouldn’t eat ice cream the whole time– it would be a nice evening treat. You could also get pictures of each ice cream you eat in each state to put into a frame for a fun and memorable vacation time.

4, Taking a trip to an island- Although I have never been to an island for a vacation, I can say one thing for sure: everyone I know who goes on a vacation to an island absolutely loves every minute and wants to go back again and again.

3. Going to beaches- Beach vacations are definitely relaxing and can take away the stresses of everyday life as quickly as the sand gets washed out to sea. Even the sound of the waves creates a lullaby for people and helps to make a memorable and enjoyable vacation.

2. Touring the U.S.- This is something my family has been wanting to do for a long time. Touring the U.S. coast to coast is sure to keep any vacationer on their toes. Nothing ever seems to be boring, and life is an adventure. In the near future, my family and I hope to start that experience. This would be the perfect way to have an interesting summer!

1. Going on hikes (preferably by waterfalls) in different states- Hiking is most definitely one of my favorite things to do for a vacation during summer because of the many different wonders you can see. It gives people the chance to get outside and see the beautiful scenery as well as soaking up very important vitamin D. One thing that I love most about hiking is the fact that I forget I have a phone and get to step away from everyday life to enjoy a peaceful walk. Hiking is a must for vacationing!

Summer is when everyone gets to unwind from the hectic side of life and solely enjoy time relaxing. Thanks for reading my top ten! What are you planning to do this summer?