Could a rise in covid vaccines mean fewer restrictions?


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

As of two days ago, it has been reported that America’s number of vaccinated citizens is on the rise, with more than 96.7 million Americans being fully vaccinated. So far a total of 232 million doses of the vaccines have been distributed, meaning 29.5% of the country has received two doses. Globally, 1.06 billion doses have been distributed, and 248 million people are fully vaccinated. It’s important to note that because the vaccines currently require two doses, reports separate those who have had only one dose from those who have had two doses.

So, what exactly does this mean? Well, with more people being vaccinated, experts are predicting that by this summer there could be a decrease in restrictions. However, this can only happen if people continue to wear masks properly and follow CDC guidelines, along with the continuous distribution of vaccines. Currently, adults have access to three vaccinations, and now in all 50 states, teens ages 16 and up have the opportunity to be vaccinated as well. However, none of the vaccines have been authorized for use on children yet.

It has also been estimated that by the end of 2021, roughly 60-70% of Americans will receive at least one dose of the vaccine. Children, however, will be the last group to be vaccinated, but distribution could begin as soon as this summer. This is just one stepping stone on the path toward herd immunity in America.