Survey: What are your graduation celebration plans?

Survey: What are your graduation celebration plans?

Rachael Hajec, Editor

Brandon Arnink: I’m having a graduation party.

Dustin Seth: I’m retiring, that’s it.

Enola Monn: Graduation party.

Abby Harrington: I’m having a graduation party.

Porshia Ayers: I’m going to California.

Alexa Turben: Graduation party.

Emily Bruner: I am having a party with my family and friends.

Payge Boucher: Roadtrip!

Kyla Walker: No party for me; probably just going to get some gifts.

Meredith Bonner: I don’t know.

Isabel Knight: *look at Meredith Bonner’s response*

Chance Chase: I’m having my own party, just for me.

Drake Bowen: I’m not really sure yet to be honest.

Nick Albers: Having a party with my family.

Jake Blake: Me and the boys are going to Outer Banks.

Ciara Davis: Have a grad party.

Maya Wetherbee: I think just a grad party.

Allison Zackiewicz: I’m also having just a graduation party.

Emma Swartzfager: I’m having a grad party, but I am going to spend most of my time on our boat in the summer!

Robyn Biondi: Just a grad party for me.

Jayda Martin: I’m just having a party, nothing too big, haha.

Ayriana Jaraczewski: I am going to have a graduation party with a bunch of my family and friends!

Hazel Greene: My plan is to have a joint graduation party with some of our fellow seniors instead of just having my own later on in the summer!