Unpopular opinion: snacking on fruits > snacking on artificial sweets


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

When I’m in the mood for something sweet to munch on, typically I head to the fridge to see what fruits are waiting to be snacked on. It’s not just the health side that makes fruits more enjoyable to eat than sweets, it’s more of the true and non-artificial sweet taste that gets me. Fruits are just so much more enjoyable than the factory-made sweets you can buy. Not to mention, they look a whole lot prettier and much more enticing than other sweets sometimes look.

Choosing fruits over other sweets usually isn’t a very hard choice. However, I will admit, I do like having sweets. I would just happily pick the fruit choice over the sugary option. Fruits are the kind of snack that leave you actually feeling good about yourself after you eat. And who wouldn’t want to feel good after they finished snacking on a bunch of food? I especially love eating fruits as a snack because it helps me to feel physically better than when I eat sweets. Sweets always make my face breakout, whereas fruits help to add nourishment and leave me feeling great. Fruits are the snack that you can eat a somewhat large quantity of, and yet still be ready for your next meal because of the lightness of the fruits. Whenever I eat sweets, I can feel the weight of the snack in my stomach for a long time. This is not a pleasant feeling because of the way it just sits in my stomach and makes me feel overly full.

Fruits are also a better snack than the artificial sweets because fruits are sometimes easy to walk away from. However, when I start with the snacking on sweets I find it is hard to stop eating them. Fruits are great because after a while of eating them, putting them back in the refrigerator is easy: after one apple I am content, and after a handful of grapes  (only green, though) I’m ready to keep going, and a bowl of strawberries are sweet enough to diminish my hankering for artificial sweets. With store-bought and manufactured sweets, however, I don’t notice if it starts to be too much until the sick feeling arises. And it doesn’t take much to make me feel the effects of too much sweets.

Now, of course part of my liking for fruits over other sweets is because of the health benefits. However, I don’t think I need to go into detail showing how beneficial fruits are because most of the population knows how much better fruits are for you than artificial sweets by now. So I will simply leave it as this: fruits are so much better than factory-made sweets, not just taste-wise but as a whole.