Survey: What was your childhood hobby or collection?

Survey: What was your childhood hobby or collection?

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

Jake Blake, 12th: Pokemon cards

Ms. Di Luzio, English: Stickers and making my own stickers

Gwen Adams, 10th: Random rocks from my driveway

Mr. Luther, mathematics: Football cards

Lexy Hasbrouck,11th: Sports, hunting, fishing

Maleri Mather, 11th: Rainbow loom rubber band bracelets and jump ropes

Alexa Turben, 12th: (Most likely possessed) random knickknacks

Enola Monn, 12th: Cat whiskers and nails

Emily Bruner, 12th: Littlest pet shops

Porshia Ayers, 12th: Tiny spoons, skulls, rocks

Lauryn Cressley, 12th: Sparkly Rocks

Liv Burger, 10th: Squinkys

Abby Harrington, 12th: Sticks

Abby Northrop, 11th: Wood chips from the playground

Emily Blake, 10th: Watching Spongebob, Polly pockets

Halle Peterson, 10th: Monster High Dolls

Mrs. Cragg, Physical Education: Precious moments figurines

Kalista Linden, 11th: I made dresses in the style of ‘Little House on the Prairie’ and ‘Little Women’ and acted out scenes.

Taylor Fenstermaker, 11th: Baby Dolls

Ryah Lambert, 10th: Singing, Calico Critters, painted pet rocks

Mrs. Smrcka, chorus: Atari games, old pennies, stickers

Mr. Coates, Global Civilizations: DC Mega Figurines

Ethan Pena, 7th: Art, collecting rocks

Dolly Peters, 7th: Paint, rocks

Addyson Lilley: Random rocks