Junior and senior prom revival


Rachael Hajec, Editor

Around this time last year juniors and seniors were at home, doing school online, missing their friends, and hoping for some sort of prom even through the circumstances. Since the amount of coronavirus cases increased rapidly into the summer, that unfortunately did not occur and juniors missed their first ever prom, while the class of 2020 missed their last prom. As one of the juniors here at Corry who missed the first prom, and was planning on helping set up, share ideas, and fund raise for the rest of the year, I believe that seniors should be able to help as much as possible for this years prom.

While the prom has been at the Peak n’ Peek Resort for several years now, there is a lot of planning that goes into putting a whole prom together. Last year, our junior class made tie dye shirts and sold candy apples and Corry Beaver shirts, while advertising and coming up with a central theme. We originally planned on having a masquerade-themed prom (ironic right?) with the usual dinner, ceremony, photo booth, candy table, and lots and lots of dancing; however, this year’s prom is costing twice as much, which means we will need twice the amount of help. Also, for safety reasons, prom this year will be having indoor and outdoor activities for everyone to enjoy as long as each junior and senior is either vaccinated or has proof of a negative COVID test.

Overall, since prom is now the day after graduation (June 4), we do have a little more time to create a theme, fund raise, and create a plan of action, but with the help of two student bodies instead of one, we could be ahead of the game. Personally, organizing and planning school events is very fun and exciting for me, and I know that it was upsetting to not be able to even start planning a prom last year. With our current circumstances and past events, I believe the Class of 2021 should end the year on a high note with a unique, stress-free, organized prom as we could all work together with the juniors and have the best first (and last) prom ever!