Survey: What are your plans for this summer?


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

With school already into the fourth quarter and the time until summer break getting shorter and shorter each day, people are starting to think about what they want to do all summer. The question I asked was: What are your plans for this summer? Whether it be swimming, kayaking, enjoying the weather, or just happily staying away from school, many people gave insightful information on what they would like to do during the summer. Below are the responses of individuals who were surveyed:

“Outside activities with my puppy.”- Ms. DiLuzio (English)

“I’m going to Myrtle Beach.”- Gwen Adams (Sophomore)

“I just want to enjoy the outdoors…”- Mr. Luther (Math)

“Swimming, definitely. I want to travel somewhere.” -Maleri Mather (Junior)

“Softball, maybe get a job, and look at colleges.”- Lexi Hasbrouck (Junior)

“Sleeping in and not going to school.” -Alexa Turben (Senior)

“Probably getting a job.”- Emily Bruner (Senior)

“Making dandelion jelly.”- Enola Monn (Senior)

“Cross-country road trip.”- Porshia Ayers (Senior)

“I plan to redo my room and go on vacation with my family.”- Keira Knight (Freshman)

“Vacation and hanging out with my friends.”- Emily Blake (Sophomore)

“Go on vacation and hang out with friends.”- Halle Peterson (Sophomore)

“I have a wedding to go to, and tentatively going to the Outer Banks.”- Mrs. Cragg (Gym/Health)

“Being a counselor at Miracle Mountain.”- Kalista Linden (Junior)

“I’m babysitting.”- Taylor Fenstermaker (Junior)

“I’m going to go to camps and I’m going to go to the beach.”- Ryah Lambert (Sophomore)

“Hopefully get to go somewhere.”-Mrs. Smrka (Chorus)

“To go to the Pennbriar and to go for nice walks.”- Mr. Coates (History/World Civilizations)

“Hang out with friends.”- Addyson Lilley (Seventh)

“If COVID is over with, we are taking the family to Boston…”- Mr. Buona (History/World Civilizations)

“Go to Myrtle Beach with my family.”- Bella Schutte (Seventh)

“We are driving to Utah.”- Taylor Holby (Seventh)

“Go swimming at my grandma and grandpa’s.”- Sophia Glass (Seventh)

“Softball all summer.”- Rachel Moats (Seventh)

“I’m going on vacation to Hilton Head, South Carolina, and then I am going to sit around my house and be fat and lazy…mic drop.”- Mr. Brewer (World Civilizations, American History, Ninth grade seminar)

Hopefully everyone is able to fulfill all of their summer plans! What are your hopes to do this break?