“American Idol” gets better every year

American Idol gets better every year

Hannah Chelton, Reporter

“American Idol” has been on the air since the year 2002. Four of the latest seasons have had Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie as the judges. Along with returning host Ryan Seacrest that has been on the air for seventeen straight seasons. Bobby Bones is also present on the show acting as an in-house mentor to all that audition.

People ages 15-28, and that are legal United States resident are eligible to audition. Traditionally, there are audition cities in states that individuals can go to and audition to see if they make the cut to get onto the TV show. Although like many things this year, changes had to be made to accommodate for the pandemic situation. So video auditions were the next best option, and anyone had the opportunity because they could do it right from their own home. This opened the door for many individuals to showcase their talent and possibly even make it to the TV show auditions. Once the individual makes it onto the show they go through rounds of auditioning and competition to see if they move on or not. If they move on and eventually make it to the finale, a winner is chosen, and are titled as the “Idol” of that season.

The 2021 season of “American Idol”started airing on February 14. The judges were blown away at the talent individuals presented at the beginning of the season. Every year the judges claim that it gets harder and harder to judge due to the amazing talent that is showcased. By far this season has proved the statement true. Although the people just sing, each individual has their own style that makes then unique and stand out from other contestants.

Overall, “American Idol” is an enjoyable TV show to watch. I highly recommend it to others especially if they like listening to various types of music. This is technically considered a family show, but sometimes there can be inappropriate language and actions. I would rate this show a 4 out of 5 stars.