Why you should give “Waitress” a listen


Skylar Beckford, Reporter

The musical “Waitress” follows the comical and tragic story of waitress Jenna, accompanied by her two coworkers, Dawn and Becky. The soundtrack also follows each part of the story, and each song plays a key part in conveying the emotions in every situation that simple dialogue cannot.

The musical has some adult humor sprinkled throughout, so it is definitely geared toward an older audience, unlike many other musicals. This is one of the biggest downsides, as this limits its audience. However, this does not take away from its greatness. Kimiko Glenn, who plays Dawn, is one of the most relatable characters, and her song “When He Sees Me” is definitely my favorite, as it’s about the insecurities and fears that one may face when meeting someone new. It’s not only a fun take on the character Dawn, but it’s relatable to listeners everywhere. Another wonderful piece from the musical is “She Used to Be Mine,” which is sung by main character Jenna. It’s a beautiful song that goes into depth of the struggles Jenna faces, as she feels lost and attempts to remember who she once was. However, it’s a song that touches the hearts of many, because every single person has felt sadness or confusion at some point in their life. Jessie Mueller, who plays Jenna, has one of the most consistent and unique voices I have ever heard in Broadway, and this song compliments her voice beautifully.

As for the musical itself, it’s definitely a joy to watch. One second it’ll have you laughing in your seat, and the next it’ll have you tearing up. I always find myself coming back to listen to the songs or watching clips I have saved, because it truly is entertaining. If you aren’t interested in listening to all 22 tracks, I would definitely recommend you listen to one song. It’s an experience everyone should have at least once. Out of 5 stars, this easily earns a 4.5.