Corry Blue Zones Project brings purpose


Hannah Smrcka and Rachael Hajec , Editors

The Blue Zones Purpose Workshop, aimed typically towards juniors and seniors, is meant to help them realize their strengths and talents, navigate through life transitions, and improve well being by living their personal purpose.  Their goal is to “add years to your life, and life to your years.”

The Erie County Department of health, Highmark Health, Corry Memorial Hospital, LECOM, and UPMC have brought the Blue Zones Project to Corry to encourage the community to live, learn, work, play, and worship better. They try to lower healthcare costs, improve productivity, and make a higher quality of life for people in or community. In order to sign up for a purpose workship, you can go to their website, click under events, and sign up for the workshop.

Some of the activities they plan to do and recommendations they have are:

-A walking school bus


-Volunteer work

-Cooking classes

-The purpose workshop

Mrs. Turben, who is in charge of the health care program at Corry Middle High School, participated and helped with one of these purpose workshops and said that, “Overall it was a nice experience for all the juniors and seniors for finding out who they are. The students each wrote down 15 statements on what they truly love to do.”

Turben continued, “The first time we did [the purpose workshop] the lady zoomed in. It would be more helpful if she came in. Even a parent said it was very informative and helpful for her child and the kids had fun with it.”

The Blue Zones pledge is, “Live a longer better life, have more energy, feel stronger, and become healthier. Meet new people and nurture supportive friendships. Discover your purpose and put it to work. Be the change that makes your community a better place to live.”