Top ten shapes

Hannah Smrcka, Editor

We all think about shapes and what ones are the most appealing all the time, so here are the top ten shapes appropriately ranked by the positive and negative energies that they give off.

10. Circles and Ovals

So boring. Circles can be fun to draw, but they’re just too smooth. If circles were people, they’d be that one annoying coworker that doesn’t do their work but thinks they practically run the world when they most likely couldn’t change a light bulb. Ovals are the best friend to circles and just think they’re amazing at doing nothing. The math for circles can be fun, until it’s not.

9. Semi circles and diamonds

They aren’t the most boring, but they’re close.

8. Squares and rectangles

I love squares and rectangles just as much as the next person, but they can get boring. They need more life to them. More edges or funky motives. They’re like the red shirts in “Star Trek”: don’t rely on seeing them for more than one episode. They are the background characters of the shape lore.

7. Cylinders and the other -agon shapes

These shapes start to spice up the menu when it comes to evaluating shapes, though, nevertheless, they are about as jazzed up in flavor as food from the 15th century. They really tried, but there is zero flavor. They just aren’t quite to the level of pizzazz to make the top ones of the list.

6.  Stars and Triangles

These two shapes would be the type of shape that gets their plate of food first when out to eat and doesn’t wait for everyone to get their food before they dive in. They think they’re the main character, but really they’re only there to advance the plot, but at least they aren’t… you know who (hearts (didn’t even make the list (we won’t go into why) obviously) sorry) not sorry).

5. Heptagon

These are such a chaotic shape. They’re difficult to draw with their seven cool sides, but they still vibe well. A heptagon is the type of shape that you’d want to go to brunch with, watch your houseplants while you’re on vacation, cat sit, drink iced coffee with, etc.

4. Rhombuses and kites

They aren’t the coolest shapes but they are very boxy and have lots of interesting characteristics. They work great in intricate patterns. Who could ever forget learning about the ‘sat on square’ in 4th grade? I certainly could not.

3. Dodecahedron

By far one of the most fun to look at shapes. It reminds me of a boulder. It looks like a fun shape to roll up a hill for the rest of all eternity. The name in itself says it all.

2. Parallelogram

They’re just so parallel and appeasing but on a slant. It’s not a boring diamond or a regular plain old square or rectangle. They are more pleasing to the eye than the rigid edges of the rhombus.

1. Trapezoid

Trapezoids are by far the coolest shape. They look like rocks and rocks are amazing, so how can someone not like the raw crisp edges of a trapezoid? If I were to marry someone, the ideal person would remind me of a trapezoid. With that being said, trapezoids are the best and most wonderful shape.