Top ten spring colors


Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

Spring is a time for fresh starts and seeing the new life after months of cold, desolate land. Spring brings new buds on flowers and trees, and birds start to twitter around in the sky again. If your family is like mine, then you know all about decorating the house with many different spring colors to bring new excitement into your home. Below I have listed the top ten spring colors (regarding decorating, aesthetic, and anything else) from the worst to the best.

10. Black- First of all–who in the world would even picture this as a spring color anyway?! And second of all–no.

9. Brown- Although this is an accurate depiction of how the ground looks…it’s not very bright and cheery.

8. Orange- This is definitely a bright color, however, it might be a little bit too bright.

7. Green- This is more of a space-filler, not really a great spring color, but it is at the same time just because it shows that the plant life is once again alive and ready to thrive.

6. Light red- More of a robust version of light pink that gets the springtime feel across all the while emboldening the atmosphere.

5. Fuchsia- This bright color is sometimes a much-needed pop of color in a dingy environment. This color can bring life to any garden to help resurrect its beauty.

4. Light blue- Light blue is a sentimental, happy color that can be expressed as the cloudless sky or even the raindrops that fall in April to bring May flowers.

3. Pastel yellow- It’s bright but yet not too bold. It expresses itself in a clear “spring-like” way, all the while showing off its fragile state.

2. Pastel purple- One of the prettiest colors by far, this color signifies the simplicity of spring and sheds light on the softness and tenderness of the season.

1. Pastel pink- This is like the picture-perfect color for describing spring because it allows people to envision this soft color that is light and happy but also very bright and jubilant.

Thanks for reading my top ten spring colors! These array of shades create a wonderful (or possibly not-so-wonderful) palette of colors to spruce up anyone’s long winter. What are your favorite spring colors?