What should the Prom theme be?

What should the Prom theme be?

Hannah Smrcka and Rachael Hajec

Taylor Fenstermaker, 11th: Carnival

Lexy Hasbrouck, 11th: Nature forest theme

Olivia Jaworski, 11th: Masquerade

Maleri Mather, 11th: Masquerade

Alexa Turben, 12th: Old school video games

Enola Monn, 12th: Horror movies

Emily Bruner, 12th: Ballroom

Porshia Ayers, 12th: Ballroom theme

Abby Harrington, 12th: Masquerade

Lauryn Cressley, 12th: Ballroom

Elizabeth Geer, 12th: Outside because I like being outside

Brandon Arnink, 12th: Nature theme

Rachel Brady, 11th: 20s

Skylar Riedel, 11th: 50s

Jamie Brozell, 11th: Ballroom

Kendall keener, 11th: Ballroom

Dustin Seth, 12th: Yung Bray

Ms. Carey, Biology: Prom upside down

Mrs. Braswell, High school math:Under the sea

Mr. Adamski, English 9: 90s

Mr. Goodwill, Librarian: Football

Mr. Brewer, 9th grade seminar and History: Frozen winter night or starry night; the seasons

Mr. Fallon, History: Around the world

Mr. Zarger, Physics: Something fun, anything