Corry’s junior high wrestlers off to states


(L-R) Isaiah Bayle, Cody Proper, Mason Savitz, Will Allen, Nolan Carey, and Cooper Hodak

Haeleigh Bayle, Reporter

On Saturday, March 20, Corry’s junior high wrestlers competed at the Bayfront Convention Center (located in Erie) in a wrestling tournament set to show who would be heading to Monroeville, PA, for the state tournament. After time, effort, and loads of hard work, many Corry boys showed up to the tournament ready to win and claim a spot on the podium.

After close flip-flopping matches, 12 middle school boys came within reach of the placing that led them to states. States in Monroeville is set to start Thursday, March 31, in which it will be a three-day wrestling event. The state tournament will be the end of the boys’ seasons, giving them their chance to show all that they have learned and how much they have improved.

In order to make it to the state tournament, individuals had to be in the placing of 1st-6th place. Corry boys who made it to states include eighth graders Isaiah Bayle (5th place), Nolan Carey (4th), Will Allen (2nd), Mason Savitz (1st), Cody Proper (3rd); and seventh graders Cooper Hodak (6th), Steven Willis (4th), Wyatt Swan (3rd), Owen Nickerson (2nd), Ayden Beckerink (4th). Also in attendance will be sixth graders Carson Braswell (2nd), Landon Nickerson (2nd), Kaiden Krasa (4th), Lamech Albers (4th); and freshman Carter Linden (6th), who also made it to states after wrestling at the tournament. The total of 12 wrestlers that made it to the upcoming tournament each have the potential to place well, according to their performances on Saturday, March 20.

When asked about the possibility of placing at states, eighth-grader Will Allen said, “I think if I wrestle well I will have a chance.”

Being on top of one’s game when wrestling in such a large tournament could be the deciding factor on who steps onto the podium and who does not. All of the wrestlers will undoubtedly need to show up to win if they are to make it into the finals of the state tournament, and that is exactly what Allen is planning to do.

Nolan Carey, who placed 4th, was asked if he was looking forward to the opportunity to wrestle at states. He replied, “I am, it’s a first year opportunity and it’s gonna be pretty fun.”

Part of experiencing the state tournament is also being able to enjoy the opportunity and participate in fun things. Hard work with the reward of doing exciting things is what many of the boys are hoping to experience. Making the most of this chance at states is something that Carey plans on doing.

Cody Proper was asked about his level of enthusiasm when he found out he made it to the state tournament. “I was pretty excited,” Proper responded.

Going along with Proper’s question, Mason Savitz was asked if he was proud of what he had accomplished recently. Savitz was quick to respond with, “Yeah, I took first,” to which he then added, “I pinned everyone.”

For the wrestlers to be able to feel the joy and satisfaction of making it to states is an important confidence-booster when headed down to Monroeville. They can use the excitement and pride to drive them to work hard and end victoriously. Being proud of one’s accomplishments is important when heading down to states because it allows the athletes to embrace and be confident in their abilities to beat other competitors on the mat.

Isaiah Bayle, an eighth grader, was also questioned about what his goals were when wrestling on Thursday. “I want to win at least two matches because I don’t want to go down and not win any,” Bayle replied.

Having the right mindset it also a deciding factor on performance level. It may only be the goal of winning a single match, but a fulfilled goal can leave someone with more satisfaction than a podium placing.

Overall, these boys are very excited about their accomplishment and are happy for their fellow teammates who qualified to go to states as well. To all of the boys who made it to Monroeville for the 2021 state tournament, Corry congratulates you and wishes you the best of luck.