Survey: What are you doing for spring break?

Hannah Smrcka, Reporter

Spring is in the air and along with it comes plans for spring break! This year, spring break will be six days without school, which is perfect for getting in some early planning. Here are the responses from twenty-five randomly polled students and teachers on what they are doing for spring break:

Lexy Hasbrouck: “Going down to my grandparents in Harrisburg.”

Sara Colwell, 9th: “Going to Florida for a few days.”

Ryan Webb, 9th: “Going to Arizona and the Mojave Desert.”

Isabella Kellogg, 9th: “Dance.”

Ms. Sisson, Spanish: “Going to visit family.”

Gavin Maleski, 9th: “Probably working and hanging out with my brother.”

Lexie Fox, 9th: “Probably hanging out with family.”

Allison Cressley, 9th: “Probably coaching soccer.”

Makayla Landers, 9th: “Getting on a plane and going to Florida.”

Kaycee Porter, 9th: “Spending time with family and friends.”

Mr. Zarger, Physics: “Gonna stay home and work on the garden.”

Hunter Savitz, 11th: “Probably to work.”

Mattisen Kern, 10th: “Not at the moment.”

Mitchell Rauscher, 10th: “Probably try to find a job or something.”

Bailey Salusky, 11th: “Spending time with my friends and hanging out outdoors.”

Nikole Davis, 11th: “Work.”

Ms. Kuritz, Health and Phys Ed: “I’m going to spend time with my family and do some deep cleaning spring cleaning.”

Sophia Glass, 7th: “Going to visit my dad and go camping.”

Leonna Lillie, 7th: “Probably nothing.”

Ms. Maas, 6th grade math: “To eat food and spend time with family.”

Enola Monn, 12th: “I will be growing plants.”

Alexa Turben, 12th: “Hanging potted plants.”

Porshia Ayers, 12th: “Leaving.”

Emily Bruner, 12th: “I think I’m going to my grandparents.”

Lauryn Cressley, 12th: “Rollerskating a Marathon Sylvia.”

Happy Spring!