Thinking of leaving PA? There are pros and cons

Thinking of leaving PA? There are pros and cons

Sylvia Elmquist, Reporter

In my opinion the best state to move to would be Tennessee.  The summer only gets a few degrees warmer than Corry, PA, but the winter is a lot warmer.  Another reason is people in Tennessee are really nice.  I have been there a number of times and always have met really nice people. 

Gas prices are forty cents a gallon cheaper than in PA, so that is also a big pro.  Most importantly, this is the state where Dolly Parton was born and raised.  There are cities like Gatlinburg and Nashville, which can be very touristy but could be fun to visit even if you lived there.  Two small towns that I think would be ideal to live in would be Johnson City and Brentwood.  So that is why you should move to Tennessee.  

In my opinion the worst state to move to especially right now would be Texas.  As you probably know, a winter storm wiped their power out for weeks.  I would not like to live in an area where a storm could keep me powerless for weeks at time.  I feel that Texans are not very expecting and have a very strong Republican view that can lead to judgement.  This country is very divided and in Texas you could feel that division if you are not up to the Texas code.  It is hard to find a good place to live unless you are looking for a middle-of-nowhere country or no-place-to-breathe city living.

In my opinion, moving from Pennsylvania is not worth the hassle. Leaving all of your friends, family, and the life you have built is going to be hard, so is it worth it? Although some states are very nice, Pennsylvania is not bad. I feel like there is plenty of variation from state to state, but they are all in America, so they are not that much different. Moving is expensive, especially if you are going a long distance. So overall, just stay here, unless it is for a job.