Which is better: living in the country or city?


Hannah Chelton, Reporter

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When going on long car rides it amazes me the difference between the city and country. Both are different, but they still ultimately serve the same purpose of providing shelter and a place to stay. Some individuals would prefer one particular lifestyle over the other, and some individuals do not have a preference on where they live. Unfortunately sometimes one is not in control of what region they live in, which could be due to financial situations, family complications, or the location is not in the most ideal place.

Personally, I have never lived in the city, but from what I can observe all the houses are fairly close to each other. Most people have to share driveways with their neighbors and residents do not have much of a yard if any. To some people, this could be a problem because they have no privacy whatsoever. For example, if someone wanted to get a pool, but the only place they had space would be in the front yard, most people would not make the purchase due to it being out in plain sight for anyone passing by to see. Although living in the city may seem like the best option for people, there is also benefits that come out of it, one being that a school would be near by and they would not have to travel terribly far to get there. Another one being the convenience to stores and work in the area. Having convenience to stores can be in one’s favor. When preparing meals, there are times when you run out of an ingredient or you forgot to purchase it from the store the last time you went. Living nearby is a good thing because you can make a quick trip to the store, get what you need, and still have the meal prepared on time.

I have lived in the country my whole life, and I have found advantages and disadvantages to it. Some good things about living out in the middle of nowhere is that you have space. Neighbors houses are around, but they are not side by side as in the city, which is nice because there is still people around, but you have your privacy. Additionally, since there is more space, it allows for room to put things outside for kids. Such as a swing set, trampoline, swimming pool, etc. It can also be safer for children because there is more space for them to be outside and not have to worry about them being too close to the road. Additionally, living out in the country allows for one to be more connected with nature. Going for walks in the woods is always a great experience, and I wish that I did it more often. There is just something about it that makes it so peaceful, and enjoyable. Although there are some advantages to living out in the country, there are some disadvantages that come along with it. For example, it is a distance away from schools and stores. It just takes more time to get from point A to point B. Instead of taking five minutes like most people in the city do to get to Walmart, it takes people from around my area fifteen-twenty minutes to get there.

In the end, there are many differences between living in the country versus the city. It is interesting to see how different the two are, and imagine how dissimilar it would be to live a polar opposite lifestyle than you currently do.